Alliance vehicles today are available with many advanced safety features such as lane-departure prevention and forward emergency braking. To offer safer and more convenient cars, the Alliance is now on track to launch 40 vehicle models with autonomous drive vehicle technologies by 2022.

Groupe Renault is developing safe and smooth driving technology to offer trustful Autonomous Drive on mainstream vehicles. In 2017, the SYMBOL demo car imagined by Renault was the first vehicle that has been designed for mind-off automation from the start. Technological advances in autonomous driving open new opportunities for ways of using cars, especially new travelling experiences. In 2018, the EZ trilogy of concept cars, fully autonomous and electric, demonstrated the vision of the Group in terms of shared mobility for smart cities of the future. Renault announced that by the end of 2022 strategic plan, 15 models will integrate autonomous driving capabilities.

In March 2018, Nissan announced plans to deploy ProPILOT technology in 20 models in 20 markets by 2022 and expect to sell 1 million ProPILOT-equipped vehicles a year by 2022. As part of the strategy, it already launched the single-lane, highway-oriented, advanced driver assistance technology, on the Serena in 2016, the X-TRAIL, QASHQAI, Rogue and new LEAF in 2017, Infiniti QX50 in 2018 and Altima in 2019.

This user-friendly technology will expand to other models and brands in the Alliance as more models are released.

The next milestones for our technological innovation include a highly autonomous drive vehicle for use on highways in 2018 and on city roads in 2020 which are both capable of driving itself from point to point with a human driver’s continuous monitoring of the environment.

The alliance also plans to introduce a highly autonomous drive vehicle for use on highways with occasional human driver intervention in 2020 and fully autonomous drive vehicles in 2022 with no human driver intervention necessary.