Mouna Sepehri

Mouna Sepehri

General Secretary, Groupe Renault

In 1990, Mouna Sepehri began her career as an attorney in Paris and, later, New York, specializing in mergers and acquisitions, and international corporate law.

She joined Renault in 1996 as Deputy General Counsel for the Group. She took part in the original negotiating team that created the concept and scope of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, the auto industry’s first longest-lasting cross-cultural partnership of its kind.

In 1999, she actively contributed to the acquisition of the Romanian car company Dacia. One year later, she did the same for Renault’s acquisition of the South Korean carmaker Samsung Motors.

In 2007, Mouna Sepehri was appointed to coordinate the cross-functional teams, a key position to boost the Group’s performance by breaking down barriers within the company and promoting collaboration.

In 2009, she became Director of the Alliance CEO Office and Secretary of the Alliance Board, which entailed overseeing the implementation of news synergies between Renault and Nissan, coordinating strategic cooperation and steering new projects.

In 2010, she managed the negotiations between the Alliance and Daimler and became a member of the steering committee that launched the landmark collaboration between the three manufacturers.

In 2011, Mouna Sepehri became Executive Vice President, Office of the CEO, and member of the Renault Executive Committee.

She oversees the following functions: Legal, Public Affairs, Communications, Public Relations, Corporate Social Responsibility, Cross-Functional Teams, G&A Economic Efficiency Program Management, Group Security and Protection Department, Real Estate & Facilities.

In 2013, she was appointed permanent member of Renault-Nissan Alliance Board.

She is also Secretary to Renault’s Board of Directors and Director of the Renault Foundation.